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31 mei'18

China Advanced Manifest Filing Requirement

Recently, China Customs announced to enforce the new import manifest rules effective from 1st June 2018 based on shipment loading date. We would like to highlight the following requirements for your reference,

 1. Scope

- Shipments to/via China (import to China and T/S via China).

 2. Customer information (new data element requirement)

 1) Consignee company code (if it’s “To Order B/L”, notify party company code is necessary)

 (1) When the consignee, notify party, is a company,

- Unified social credit code (USCI) is mandatory.

- If no unified social credit code, Organization Code (OC) can be a substitute.

(2) When the consignee, notify party, is a person,

- The person’s passport number, or Chinese ID number, is mandatory.

 - If it’s T/S cargo via China, the consignee company code is also required. The rule is the same as that of the shipper below.

 2) Shipper company code

 (1) When the shipper is a company,

 - The company code type (identifier) and code is mandatory, according to the identifier column in the attachment 1, different by country.

- If any country not listed, or any company code type (identifier) not included in the attachment 1, please input the legal registration code.

(2) When the shipper is a person,

- The person’s passport number, or other valid identification, is mandatory.

 3) Shipper/consignee/notify party’s contact number and communication channel

- Phone number is mandatory (when it’s “To Order” B/L, phone number of notify party is mandatory). 

3. Cargo description (general description is not acceptable)

 The cargo description should be detailed, complete and accurate. All the commodities in one container should be declared.

 General description of the commodity will be rejected by Customs. Manifest correction will be required, and correction fee will occur.

For non-acceptable cargo description (general cargo description), please check those sample errors in the attachment 2.

 4. Transmission deadline (1st declaration)

 China Customs emphasized the transmission (1st declaration) deadline again, 24 hours before loading.